Welcome to Chinese Gadget Reviews.

CGR is an unbiased, independent reviewer of electronic gadgets that have been manufactured in China and bought from eBay, Amazon or other online stores.

Chinese manufacturers usually get plastered with the assumption that they make a high volume of low quality, unreliable goods. This can be the case, we have all bought cheap electronic products from eBay or Amazon that break within days. The sellers of these items are often either based in Hong Kong or have terrible customer service, so the chance of getting an easy refund is unlikely.

We are here to find the hidden gems!

The goal is to buy and review these products from online stores so that you can get reliable and unbiased advice before parting with your cash. We will be buying and reviewing only genuine manufacturer branded Chinese electronics. These usually cost more than the generic unbranded products you can get online but are generally made to a higher standard and sold by sellers offering a better customer service.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions on any products we can review, please get in touch via the contact page.